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Never worry again! HTD guarantees to deliver your SMS!

Bulk SMS Gateway

Bulk SMS service enables our clients to send SMS quickly, effectively, and easily to one recipient or group of recipients at the same time .It is one of the newest services available to organizations to add significant value in communication tools.

Content Services

Content SMS allows you to send daily SMS to all subscribers of the service, such as: Breaking News, Sports News, Health Tips, ...).
HTD has an expert technical team and direct relationships with operators to provide a quick implementation.

2-Way Messaging

Short Codes are special numbers, designed to be shorter than the normal phone numbers and easier to remember. They are used to receive SMS messages; where each short code specifies one service or many services such as competitions, congratulations, receiving inquiries or others.

HLR Number Lookup

HLR service allows clients to keep up-to-date mobile number databases, by providing the status of mobile phone numbers which inform the client of the number’s activity or inactivity. HLR provides the subscriber’s information, mobile network, and the number’s ability to receive SMS.